Member Services: Overview

As a member of SEIU ULTCW, you have access to a wide variety of free services and informational resources. Please check them out below.

Member Action Center
A free telephone hotline staffed by knowledgeable support specialists who can answer member questions about any union-related issue
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Walk-in Support
Information on assistance that members can receive at our Los Angeles headquarters
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Homecare Exchange
A free service that matches qualified homecare providers with those seeking need. Useful for members looking to obtain more authorized hours or obtain new/different clients.
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Local IHSS Offices 
Contact info for all the IHSS offices in the localities in which our union members live and work
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Education / Training
Information on the many classes we offer to new members and those who want to become more active leaders in the union.
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New Member Orientation
Information and documents related to the free orientation session that all homecare providers receive upon first joining the union
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ULTCW members and their children are eligible for scholarships that could help fulfill your educational dreams.
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