Education / Training

The education department offers many classes to help members become more effective leaders and activists.

All classes are free, and the following are conducted in one-day sessions.

Topics include:

  • New member Orientations (For more information, please click here)
  • Politics
  • Organizing
  • Leadership development
  • Labor management committees

More extensive, multi-day classes include:

  • “Train the Trainer”  —  teaches members how to train other members in leadership and activism
  • “Leadership Academy” —  four-day courses that help member-activists become leaders in their community and at the union
  • “Steward Training” — provides nursing home workers with the skills needed to organize coworkers and exercise a strong voice in workplace decisions

To participate in any of these classes, call the Member Action Center at 1-877-MY-ULTCW (698-5829).