Immigrant Workers & Families

Administrative Relief for undocumented workers and families can help remove the obstacles standing between you, your family, your community, and the Quality of Life you deserve. If you, or someone in your household, need Administrative Relief for undocumented workers and families, please share your story today!

What are SEIU’s Administrative Relief recommendations?

Aug 21, '14 (1) Deportation reform: Stop detaining, criminalizing, and deporting ordinary immigrants who have established a life here and have not committed serious crimes. (2) Worker protections: Change workplace enforcement priorities and procedures to minimize that the extent to which immigration enforcement at the workplace undermines wages and working conditions. (3) Affirmative relief: Provide a process whereby persons who are a low priority for deportation can affirmatively apply for work authorization

Administrative Relief for Undocumented Workers & Mixed-Status Immigrant Families

Aug 21, '14 Workers need protection from detention and deportation, valid work permits, and protections against wage theft, workplace safety violations, as well as punishment for organizing fellow workers and standing up for workplace rights! Our goal towards bringing Dignity to all who call California home starts with our members, families, and communities. Tell us your story today!