Become a Member Political Organizer!

An MPO encourages a resident to vote.Member Political Organizers (MPOs) are union members who lead various activities aimed at increasing political engagement among other union members in their local communities.

Typical MPO duties include: leading voter-registration drives; spreading the word about political developments; and encouraging members to sign up for, or increase their monthly contributions to COPE (Committee On Political Education).

During election season, MPOs become “precinct captains” whose responsibilities grow to include organizing members to attend get-out-the-vote activities like phone-banking and door-knocking.

Being an MPO is a rewarding way to make a real impact in the political process while making lots of new friendships and contacts along the way.

MPO requirements include:

  • Full union membership
  • Willingness to advocate on behalf of COPE
  • Attendance at at least five political-themed union events

If you’d like to be a MPO, please contact SEIU ULTCW Political Director Rex Richardson at

Check out some pictures of MPOs in action as they take part in the OCCUPY LA protest.