June 2015

We stood united: We protected nursing home funding, won a full restoration of the 7% cut to IHSS hours, & made affordable healthcare possible for millions!

State Budget Restores IHSS Hours, Protects Funding; Supreme Court agrees w/us!


Sisters and Brothers,


Because of the leadership of our ULTCW members, we are once again celebrating victories for California long term care workers and working families across the country.


State budget protects nursing home funding, restores 7% cut to IHSS hours:


We’ve gone to Sacramento – lobbied our legislators – testified before committees – collected thousands of signatures of support – and we were heard.


Through our work and dedication to making sure our elected officials place the issues of long term care workers and recipients as a priority, Governor Brown signed into law a state budget that will protect vital funding for nursing homes and will restore the 7% cut made to IHSS hours effective July 1st.


If you are an IHSS provider, the restored hours will appear on your July timesheets.  If you have questions about the hours on your timesheet, you should contact your local IHSS office.


Supreme Court rules in favor of the Affordable Care Act:


In addition to our California budget victories, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act.  As President Obama stated from the White House Rose Garden, “The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.  This is a good day for America.”


We celebrate this ruling, as we understand firsthand what the Affordable Care Act has meant to us as providers, to our family members, and to our communities.  We believed that healthcare should not be a privilege for a few, but a right for all and we took action to fulfill that belief when our members worked tirelessly to pass the Affordable Care Act and ensure its successful implementation in California.


There is no denying the power that comes when long term care workers and allies stand united.


Together, we are changing lives for the better!


In Unity,


Laphonza Butler

President, SEIU ULTCW


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It’s time for LA County Home Care Workers to vote!

Attention: Los Angeles County IHSS providers!

The pay raise voted on by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors must be approved by L.A. County home care workers before it goes into effect. By now you should have received a ballot to vote on the new contract by mail. For those who wish to cast ballots in person, here are the voting locations, dates, and times available for voting between now and June 29:

la county contract calendar



LA County IHSS Providers: Vote on your contract today!


Because of the hard work of our LA County IHSS bargaining team, we’ve been able to reach an agreement with County officials that will bring us to $11.18 an hour by 2017.  This represents $1.53 raise – the largest raise LA County IHSS providers have ever received (see below for contract summary).


Not only is this a victory for LA County IHSS providers, but for home care workers throughout the state as it creates a pathway to $15 an hour that all other counties much follow as we engage in negotiations.


However, in order to claim this win, we need you to take action by voting to ratify the contract.


If you’re an LA County IHSS provider, please fill out and return your ballot based on the information sent to you in the mail.  Ballots need to be received by end of day June 29th in order to county.  You may mail your ballot or drop it off at our Long Beach, Los Angeles or Lancaster officers between 10 am and 5 pm. If you can’t find your ballot, you may stop by one of the offices to get a new ballot and to vote.


We’re also bringing the voting booth to your neighborhoods with our mobile voting program.  Please click here to a list of mobile voting locations.


Don’t let your vote go uncounted – Vote Today!



Summary of Contract:


Economics (Wages)

Effective January 1, 2016 – wage goes from $9.65 to $10.00 an hour

Effective February 1, 2016 – wage goes from $10.00 to $11.00 an hour

Effective February 1, 2017 – wage goes from $11.00 to $11.18 an hour

* All increases are subject to approval by the State and if the State pays its customary 65% share of the non-federal costs



Change:  Language was added in Article I., Section 1 Bargaining Unit to strengthen existing language that ensures the PASC will recognize the Union or its successors.

Reason: This allows the PASC to officially recognize the new statewide Long Term Care local, SEIU 2015 as official representative of LA County IHSS providers.


Change:  Minor changes made to language in Article XX Dues.

Reason: Language needs to reflect compliance with changes resulting from court decision of Harris v. Quinn.

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San Bernardino County deserves a path to $15/hr!

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY deserves a path to $15/hr!

Join one of our regional meetings in Victorville, Fontana, Barstow, Yucaipa, San Bernardino, Adelanto, Apple Valley, or Ontario:

san bernardino final

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Job Posting: Travel Accounts Coordinator

Position: Travel Accounts Coordinator

Status: Non-Exempt

Department: Finance

Travel Accounts Coordinator
ULTCW Job Description

Position Purpose:

This position is responsible for the overseeing the union’s credit card charges. Most charges originate from travel and transportation. Using the Union’s access to BCD Travel software, the Travel Coordinator will assist in travel arrangements with staff, make travel arrangements for member organizers, and manage the paperwork and receipts of such arrangements. It also includes approving union vehicle usage, maintenance, and repairs, as well as approving staff car allowance payments and various insurance needs.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: (Any one position may not include all of the specific duties and responsibilities listed. Examples provide a general summary of the work required and should not be treated as a total and complete list of expected duties to be performed by employees in the classification.)

1) Oversees BCD Travel arrangements.

2) Assists union staff in creating their travel itineraries.

3) Creates travel itineraries for member organizers.

4) Responsible for reviewing the online credit card charges on a daily basis.

5) Compiles detailed back-up documents for credit card charges on a daily basis.

6) Prepares the monthly charge summary of charges with complete back-up to the Staff Accountant by the second day after receiving the credit card bill.

7) Maintains the custody of the keys to the union vans and unused vehicles.

8) Works with staff in the maintenance are repairs of union vehicles.

9) Handles all insurance, registration, and fines, tickets, and penalties regarding staff.

10) Provides payroll processors information of staffs’ eligibility to receive car allowance.

11) Assist in researching items for audits, reconciliations, and financial reporting.

12) Runs miscellaneous reports and schedules, as required.

13) Bank Deposit.

14) Gathers and maintain information for Agency Fee Payer Time Distribution Reports.

15) Perform other duties as required to support the department and its mission.


High school graduate or equivalent and at least two to four years of experience working in a fast paced accounting environment, or a combination of education and experience that would provide for the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Knowledge of modem office operations and procedures.
  • Ability to complete and pass a typing test with a minimum of 35 wpm.
  • Skill in the use of personal computers using accounting software or other software including Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Must have excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Must be comfortable in making calls to staff, management and outside parties requesting information.
  • Ability to multi-task and work under pressure.
  • Experience booking high quantities of travel arrangements (air, hotel, rentals).

Physical Requirements:

Work is generally performed in an office setting. Employees must recognize that working in the labor movement is tough, demanding work, which sometimes requires working long or irregular hours that may necessitate overtime. Some travel may be required.

Scope and Nature of Supervision:

This position reports to the Lead Accountant, Controller or designee.

To Apply for This Position:
Mail, e-mail or fax a detailed resume, cover letter, a one-page writing sample and the name, job title, address, and phone number of three professional references to:

In subject of email: Position Title of Position you are Applying for

c/o Human Resources
Attn.: Human Resources
2910 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90057


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SEIU ULTCW member leaders win first victory on path to $15/hour for LA County caregivers!

LA County Board of Supervisors Approve Wage Increase for LA County Home Care Workers




CONTACT: Melissa Uribe (213) 590-9091 (English and Spanish)

Scott Mann (323) 333-4850 (English)






Over a thousand home care workers celebrated outside the BOS after historic vote took place


Los Angeles, CA – Today the L.A. County Board of Supervisors (BOS) approved a wage increase from $9.65 to $11.18 for L.A. County In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) providers, making it the biggest increase they’ve ever received.


After months of rallying at the BOS meetings and fighting for a contract that puts them on a path to $15, today over a thousand of L.A. County IHSS providers celebrated as the BOS voted to afford them a $1.53 increase.


The motion introduced by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and seconded by Supervisor Hilda Solis received additional support from Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and Michael Antonovich. As approved, IHSS providers’ wages will increase to $11 in February 2016 and $11.18 in February 2017.


“Today is a victorious day for L.A. County IHSS providers as we celebrate the greatest wage increase we’ve ever won,” said Laphonza Butler, President of SEIU-ULTCW. “Today’s vote is a leap forward in our path to $15 and a step toward lifting all L.A. County workers out of poverty. We stood together in our fight for a life of dignity and we will continue to fight and stand together to ensure that we are afforded a life that permits us to live and survive in the place that we call home.”


In January of this year, IHSS providers began rallying at BOS meetings, urging county representatives to lift them out of poverty and not leave them behind as they wouldn’t benefit from a minimum wage increase at a local level. This workforce can only achieve a livable wage byway of a contract that must be approved by the BOS.


“Simply put, L.A. County home care workers can’t survive on $9.65 and we made that fact very clear to our county representatives,” said L.A. County IHSS provider Cassandra Sanchez. “By placing home care workers on a path that lifts us out of poverty, they are bettering not only our lives and those we care for, but our overall economy and our communities. Everyone is a winner when workers receive a livable wage.”


The last wage increase IHSS providers received was for 65 cents in 2012. Their then-wage of $9 was increased to the current $9.65.


For more information on IHSS providers’ fight for a path to $15, visit www.WeCareLA.us


win photo

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May/June 2015 In-Home Supportive Services Paycheck Delays

Didn’t receive a paycheck for the month of May?

Approximately 40,000 L.A. County IHSS providers did not receive a paycheck in May and while it is still unclear why or how this mishap occurred, staff at SEIU-ULTCW is working to help rectify the problem.

Here are some updates:

  • SEIU-ULTCW has reached out to DPSS, PASC and CAPA to find out why IHSS providers didn’t receive their paychecks and to identify a solution to this problem.
  • IHSS staff will reissue timesheets to impacted workers for the month of May and the beginning of June will be sent out on Friday, June 5. If you do not receive your reissued time sheets by June 10, call SEIU-ULTCW’s Member Action Center (MAC): 1-877-MY-ULTCW (698-5829) and a staff member will assist you with your claim.

Making sure IHSS providers are paid on time is of utmost importance to SEIU-ULTCW as many home care workers already live paycheck to paycheck and they are unable to hold their employer accountable for the repercussion of these delayed checks. Unfortunately, when delays occur workers are faced with the possibility of utilities being cancelled or owing last month’s rent.

On behalf of the members of SEIU-ULTCW, President Laphonza Butler is calling on State and County officials to launch a full investigation into the cause of these delayed paychecks and is asking that a Special Task Force be established to find permanent solutions to this systemic problem and ensure home care workers throughout the state always get paid on time.

For updates or assistance, please call SEIU-ULTCW’s MAC: 1-877-MY-ULTCW (698-5829).


Home Care Workers Demand Full Investigation Into Paycheck Delays

“The members of the SEIU United Long Term Care Workers (ULTCW) union, which represents 180,000 home care and nursing home workers throughout California, are calling on State and County officials to launch a full investigation into the cause of tens of thousands of low-wage In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) providers to go without pay for the entire month of May, and to take immediate action to ensure that the workers are paid.
“We are asking that a Special Task Force with worker representatives be established to determine how this error occurred and to find permanent solutions to ensure that home care workers throughout the state are getting paid on time as paycheck delays for this financially vulnerable population are not an uncommon occurrence.
“This is the latest example of an ongoing systemic problem impacting workers who already go without basic workplace protections. Unlike other workers, IHSS providers are unable to hold their employer accountable for lost or delayed wages. They’re also denied other standard and commonplace worker protections such as overtime, sick leave and paid vacation.
“The loss of a single hour of pay for home care providers can make all the difference to these caregivers as an estimated 81% live in poverty, 33% rely on public assistance to scrape by, and 18% must turn to CalFresh to feed their families.”

Statement by Laphonza Butler, President of SEIU ULTCW Regarding Paycheck Delays for Thousands of IHSS Providers.


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Restore Vital Home Care Services for Seniors and People with Disabilities

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