Job Posting: Organizer / OIT Position (North Coast, including Mendocino County)

Job Posting: Organizer / OIT Position

Position Purpose: Organizers help workers join our union.

Organizer Job Family:

Organizers with less than one year of experience, or who are unable to perform all of the job duties of an organizer are initially hired into the Organizer in Training (OIT) job classification, for a one-year development position. At the end of the year, the OIT is either qualified as an Organizer, promoted to that job class, or may be released from employment. The Senior Organizer position is the first level of staff management/supervision for the organizer job family. The next level in progression is Deputy Director and ultimately Division Director.

Required Skills, Abilities and Experience:

• While previous experience in union organizing is highly desirable, there is no hard and fast requirement for experience to start a career as an organizer in training.

• Experience with the following types of employers is highly significant: labor unions, progressive issue advocacy organizations, community organizations, political campaigns and staff of elected officials.

• Very strong preference will be given to candidates who have completed the SEIU “Wave” training program or other formal training programs for organizers.

• Personal commitment to the mission and goals of SEIU and to the specific program of SEIU ULTCW.

• The ability to exercise discretion and independent judgment are considered key components to
achieving organizer performance standards.

• Excellent oral and written communication skills

• Basic computer literacy on Windows-based computer programs in order to perform necessary campaign data management and administrative work (or the ability to develop computer literacy within the initial six months of employment for the OIT position).

• Willingness and ability to work long, irregular hours, including evenings and weekends

• Women and persons of color are strongly encouraged to apply for organizer positions.

• Fluency in a second language is also highly desirable.

• Strong personal planning and time management skills

• The ability to work with people from other cultures and backgrounds

• Having a valid drivers’ license, use of a car for work, and automobile insurance are mandatory conditions of employment in this role.

•Willingness and ability to travel throughout state of Califomia

Opportunities for Growth and Development:

SEIU ULTCW is committed to providing staff development opportunities and resources. It is recognized that the majority of an organizer’s skill development happens through on the job experience. These experiences will be a result of ULTCWs pursuit of new and innovative ways to identify,grow and develop member leaders while growing and developing ULTCW staff. ULTCW is committed to becoming a leader in achieving both of these goals in pursuit of justice for ail workers and ever-increasing member strength.

Criteria for Evaluation:

• The Organizer/ OIT (Organizer in Training)will be evaluated on his/her ability and skill in assisting the Local to meet its goal of organizing and representing workers successfully. Among other criteria, s/he will be evaluated on the ability to:

• Connect members around vision and goals of the union

• Identify and develop new member leaders and activist

• Train and mentor member leaders and activist

• Execute campaign plans with clear goals, strategies and bench marits

• Optimize use of local union resources to achieve successful outcomes.

• Develop and maintain a high level of team work, spirit, collaboration and mutual accountability

• Balance conflicting demands successfully

• Work independently

• Delivers on quantitative and qualitative goals outlined for that year.

• Carry out assigned responsibilities in a competent and professional manner in keeping with the Local’s overall goals and expectations.

To Apply For This Position
Mail, e-mail or fax a detailed resume, cover letter, a one-page writing sample and the name, job title, address, and phone number of three professional references to:

E-mail: or
In subject of email: Position Title of Position you are Applying for

c/o Human Resources
Attn: Human Resources
2910 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90057

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