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We are helping lead the Fight For $15 and a union across the country and here in California.

Home care workers’ Fight For $15 and a union, which SEIU ULTCW members helped launch in September, has now more than tripled in size, reaching 19 cities from coast to coast, including Los Angeles. And this isn’t the first time we have helped lead—and win—important fights:

• Last year, ULTCW members in Alameda and Ventura Counties won contracts for $12.50 per hour, among the highest wages for home care workers in California.

• In 2009, ULTCW members defeated 20% cuts to home health care services and made certain that funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act would be used for home care.

• In 2010, ULTCW members prevented Governor Schwarzenegger from eliminating home care services for 87% of recipients, protecting care for the most vulnerable among us—and our jobs.

• In 2013, ULTCW members convinced President Barack Obama and the Department of Labor to include home care workers in the Fair Labor Standards Act for the first time in the history of the United States.
In addition to organizing for $15 and a union, ULTCW members are leading the fight for better wages in other ways:

Local Legislation 

Los Angeles has passed a new law establishing a minimum wage of $15.37 for hotel workers, a profession long dogged by poverty-level incomes. Hotel workers joined by community groups and workers in other industries led the fight.

The law is a step toward a $15 minimum wage for all Los Angeles workers.

Combatting Wage Theft 

Long-term care home health workers experience some of the highest rates of wage theft in the country: a full 97% experience off-the-clock violations (i.e., they worked before and/or after their work shifts), and overtime violation rates among home health care workers, child care workers, maids and housekeepers is nearly 96%. ULTCW has joined a coalition of community organizations, unions and advocates to implement policies to address rampant wage theft in California.

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SEIU United Long Term Care Workers (ULTCW) is California’s leading long-term care organization dedicated to providing and protecting quality care for some of our most vulnerable residents. SEIU ULTCW represents 180,000 in-home care providers, assisted living, and nursing home workers throughout California, making it the largest union of long-term caregivers in California and the second-largest SEIU local in the nation.

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