Nursing Home Members Win Big in Longwood Settlement!


After almost 8 months of bargaining the Longwood bargaining committee reached a settlement with their employer. Thank you to SEIU ULTCW nursing home and home care workers for all of their work and effort, in particular the Longwood team who have been indefatigable in this fight. A special thanks to our Secretary Treasurer Kim Evon who came to every action these workers held.

Thank you to all of you who tool part in this fight as members, families, staff, elected officials, etc. in support of the many actions that took place leading up to this victory. This is a huge win for workers and puts us one step closer to our Dignity goals and winning on behalf of long term care workers across the State. Below are the highlights to the settlement and a photo of our President Laphonza Butler who came in to congratulate them on their win.


SEIU-ULTCW Contract Summary for Longwood Members

February 18, 2015

*Settlement of the outstanding litigation for past Ed Fund contributions

  1. Recognition– Laurel will be added to the Longwood Master Agreement when the Laurel contract expires on June 16, 2015.

2. Management rights

  • Employer cannot unilaterally change pay practices
  • Handbook applies but in conflict with contract, contract governs
  • Union can file a grievance if a handbook provision violates contract
  1. Union Shop
  • Employer will distribute union membership packet and all employees must become a member, fee payer or religious objector within 30 days of being hired
  1. Union Visitation
  • Union rep will check in upon arrival to the facility
  • Rep works in break area and will advise employer if need to visit other areas
  1. Categories of Employees
  • Any on call employee who works full time (30 hours) for 90 days shall be classified as full time
  1. Hours of Work
  • Employer will pay employee in a higher class after 2 hours
  • Employer will notify employees who accept additional shifts if there is a chance they will be called off on a later shift that week.
  • Employer will make best effort to provide adequate parking
  • Employer will provide protective gloves and apron for the departments- laundry, housekeeping, and dietary
  1. Workload
  • Employer agrees to rotate call offs in seniority order
  1. Wage Increases and Bonuses
  • $.35 per year (effective January of each year) (Effective June 16 of each year for Laurel)
  • 35% of the State Bonus payable in 2015;
  • 30% of the State Bonus payable in 2016;
  • 25% of the State Bonus payable in 2017;
  • No employee shall earn less than $.30 above the State Minimum Wage
  1. Sick Leave
  • After ratification- Day 3 paid
  • July 1, 2015- Day 1 paid
  • All employees accrue 3 days of sick leave on July 1, 2015 and each July 1 thereafter
  • Sick leave includes regular part time and on call (accrue at 1 hour per 30 hours worked)
  1. Health Care
  • Covina, Chino, Montrose, Intercommunity
  • 70% Employee only is paid by Employer for health plan
  • Effective April 1, 2015 all employees with 15 years or more of consecutive services shall receive 85% employee only premium paid by Employer for health plan
  • Laurel only (phase in)
  • Effective July 1, 2015
  • 60% for employee only (is 55% now)
  • 75% for 15 or more consecutive years
  • Effective July 1, 2016
  • 65% for employee only
  • 80% for 15 or more consecutive years
  • Effective July 1, 2017
  • 70% for employee only
  • 85% for 15 or more consecutive years
  1. Leave of Absence
  • Employer may permit a 30 day leave of absence for re certification if the State caused a lapse in certification
  1. Bereavement Leave
  • Expand family to cover grandparent
  • If permitted by law, employees may use sick leave for bereavement days
  1.  Union Leave
  • Employer will work with union to release union members to attend Ed Fund or Local Executive Board meetings
  1. Education Fund
  • Employer will continue to contribute $.07 per hour to the Ed Fund and will meet with Fund to develop program needs
  1. Grievance Procedure
  • Simplified grievance procedure –
  • Informal plus 2 steps
  1. Term of Agreement– 3 years until April 30, 2018