November 2014

There is no justice in a verdict that reflects ongoing injustice #RIPMikeBrown

Sisters and Brothers,

Once again, our SEIU family and communities across the country are struggling as we absorb the shock and share the outrage of yet another verdict that reflects an ongoing injustice against our young men of color. As our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Michael Brown’s family, we are reminded that we must use our grief and anger over this injustice as fuel for action to confront racism and injustice in America and fight for a better and more equal world.

In Solidarity,

Laphonza Butler
President, ULTCW


For Immediate Release: November 24, 2014

Media Contact: Beau Boughamer;; 202/765-9143

Following the grand jury’s decision today not to charge the officer who shot and killed 18-year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement:

“For months, families across our nation have experienced collective grief and outrage over the taking of Michael Brown’s life and the resulting turmoil that has upended the community in Ferguson, Missouri. Today, the grand jury’s decision deepens those wounds and amplifies even more the disproportionate and disparate injustices experienced by communities of color. These injustices reverberate through all communities and take our nation another step away from a fair and just society.

Our disappointment in today’s decision does not extinguish the hope in our hearts for a better America for all our children regardless of where they were born or in which zip code they live.

Black lives matter. Brown lives matter. All lives matter. The dream of America can never be fully realized until justice and safety prevail in every community across our country. The Department of Justice must prioritize the investigation into the murder of Michael Brown.

SEIU members stand with our brothers and sisters in Ferguson and across the nation in expressing our grief and frustration. We join them in calling for something better for all neighborhoods and communities and joining together in peaceful demonstrations at federal courthouses across the country. More information can be found here ( We encourage all involved law enforcement to honor the rules and the rights of people to protest and speak out.

We will not rest in these efforts until America is a more just society where every human being is respected and every community has equal opportunity to thrive.”

In Solidarity,

Mary Kay Henry
President, SEIU




November 24, 2014

We Must Redouble Our Fight for Justice

SEIU California Statement on No Charges in the Killing of Michael Brown

Statement of Laphonza Butler, President of SEIU California and SEIU United Long Term Care Workers (ULTCW) on no charges being filed in the killing of Michael Brown.

SEIU members in California join millions of Americans in outrage at the failure of our justice system and in mourning the lives of Michael Brown and other young men of color who have been killed by police in this country.

Injustice in law enforcement, sentencing, and throughout our judicial system is one of the pillars holding up an unjust society, and we are committed to bringing that structure of injustice down.

As union members we fight for justice and dignity not only at work but in every aspect of our lives: in our neighborhoods, in our schools, and on our sidewalks and streets. As a movement, we can and must do more to dismantle the conditions that allow these tragedies and miscarriages of justice to continue.

In Solidarity,

Laphonza Butler
President, SEIU California


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Access Information on President Obama’s Immigration Action & Free Legal Services By Visiting



Dear Sisters & Brothers,

After years of hard work by ULTCW members and others, President Obama is making history by taking the first step toward comprehensive immigration reform. As the President takes this step through administrative action, SEIU has launched the portal for immigrant families to learn about the President’s administrative action, find out whether they qualify, and safely make their way through the application process.

This is an incredible moment in our nation’s history.  Because of our work, millions of hard-working immigrants can look forward to a time when they can stop living in fear that a mother, father or child could be taken away. We are launching so that immigrant families can have safe, trusted place to get the information they need. went live online today, and will:

  • Protect the immigrant community from fraud by “notarios” and others hoping to use this opportunity to prey on desperate people.
  • Create a trusted and secure space where immigrants and their families can learn about the president’s action.
  • Connect them with tools to see if they qualify for relief and to low cost legal services through nearly 1,000 nonprofit organizations.
  • Encourage the whole community to join the fight for permanent reform.

I’d like to recognize and thank the organizations that are partnering with SEIU in supporting These organizations include Mi Familia Vota, NALEO, Immigration Advocates Network, The Center for Popular Democracy, Catholic Legal Immigration Network, the National Immigration Law Center and a growing list of media outlets, including Univision, Entrevision and TV Azteca.

Again, congratulations on this incredible victory in our continued efforts to make comprehensive immigration reform a reality.

In solidarity,

Laphonza Butler
President, ULTCW



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Wage Theft Survey – Share Your Story Today:

Five states – Alaska, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota – and 2 bay area cities (San Francisco and Oakland) approved minimum wage increases in last week’s election. But winning minimum wage increases and getting to $15 an hour is only half the battle.

According to a 2010 survey study, Wage Theft and Workplace Violations in Los Angeles, 30% of low-wage workers in LA were paid less than the minimum wage and 79% of those who worked more than 40 hours for a single employer were denied overtime pay.

Long-term care home health workers experience some of the highest rates of wage theft in the country.  For home health workers, a full 97% experience off-the-clock violations (i.e. they worked before and/or after their work shifts) and overtime violation rates among home health care workers, child care workers, maids and housekeepers was nearly 96%.

ULTCW has joined a coalition of community organizations, unions and advocates to implement policies to address rampant wage theft in California.

You can lend your voice to the conversation by taking this brief survey and sharing your story today:


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Calls Made. Doors Knocked. GOTV Rocked!

GOTV 2014


From: SEIU ULTCW Secretary-Treasurer, Kimberly Evon 
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2014
Subject: Our Contribution matters

Just wanted to send a quick thanks to everyone who contributed their time, efforts and energy to getting out the vote for our endorsed candidates for elections yesterday. In an election with very low turnout, every call we made, every door we knocked on had the necessary impact of getting our voters to the polls and electing our key candidates across the state.

Below are the preliminary results of the races we as ULTCW and SEIU were invested in:

Constitutional Officers
All 8 SEIU endorsed candidates for Constitutional office were victorious last night.
• Governor–Jerry Brown
• Lt. Governor–Gavin Newsom
• Secretary of State–Alex Padilla
• Controller–Betty Yee
• Treasurer—John Chiang
• Attorney General—Kamala Harris
• Insurance Commissioner—Dave Jones
• Superintendent of Public Instruction—Tom Torlakson

Ballot Measures
On ballot measures where SEIU members took a position, voters agreed with our position. The three initiatives where SEIU members were neutral, all passed.
• Proposition 1(Water Bond)—Passed
• Proposition 2 (Rainy Day Fund)—Passed
• Proposition 45 (Insurance Rate Regulation)—Defeated
• Proposition 46 (Doctor Drug Testing, Medical Negligence)—Defeated
• Proposition 47 (Sentencing Reform)—Passed
• Proposition 48 (Indian Gaming Compacts)—Defeated

State Senate
• In SD 6, SEIU members carried Dr. Richard Pan to victory.
• Unfortunately, we fell short in both SD 34 (Solorio) and SD 14 (Chavez)

• Incumbents Steve Fox lost his seat.
• Incumbent Sharon Quirk Silva lost her seat.
• Catherine Baker will likely emerge the winner in AD 16
• Jacqui Irwin will win AD 44, formerly a Republican seat
• AD 7–SEIU endorsed Kevin McCarthy will serve in the Assembly
• AD 9—SEIU endorsed candidate Darrell Fong lost to Jim Cooper
• AD 17—SEIU endorsed candidate David Campos likely will lose to David Chiu
• AD 39—In a surprise, Democrat Patty Lopez leads incumbent Raul Bocanegra by a handful of votes
• AD 64—SEIU endorsed candidate Prophet Walker lost to Mike Gibson

Local Races
• Both San Francisco and Oakland minimum wage ordinances passed.
• Los Angeles County elected SEIU endorsed Sheila Kuehl to the Board of Supervisors
• Unfortunately, our SEIU endorsed candidates Blong Xiong did not win in Fresno nor SEIU endorsed candidate Gloria Negrete McCloud in San Bernardino County.
• SEIU endorsed candidate Dave Cortese is down by 2% in race for San Jose mayor

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