ULTCW Members In Alameda County Vote YES on Contract to raise wages!


UPDATE: The ballots have been counted and our ULTCW members in Alameda County have overwhelmingly approved the tentative agreement between IHSS caregivers and County officials.    The ratified contract will now go before the Board of Supervisors on September 9th for final County approval.  Once the Supervisors vote to accept the contract, we’ll be able to provide members with details on when the raise to $12 an hour will go into effect.  Congratulations to everyone on this tremendous victory!

(July 28, 2014)After months of negotiations, SEIU ULTCW’s Bargaining Committee has won the opportunity to vote on a contract that will raise wages to $12.50 an hour for In-Home Supportive Services providers.

Combined with the right to overtime that ULTCW won for IHSS caregivers statewide, this raise means that caregivers working more than 40 hours per week, will receive $18.75 per hour for those additional hours.

In addition to making Alameda homecare workers the highest paid IHSS caregivers in California, this contract protects health, dental, and vision benefits.

That said, the contract can only be voted upon by card-signing union members.  Under the Union’s constitution, only full, card-signing members can take part in a vote to approve or reject a county contract .

If you are an IHSS caregiver in Alameda county, and you have yet to sign your ULTCW membership card, please call 877-698-5829 right away, in order to request a ULTCW membership card right away!

Don’t waste this opportunity to participate in a critical election regarding your pay and benefits!

August 14 is the deadline for ratifying or rejecting this proposed contract.  You must be a card-signing member, and your ballot must be received by that date, or else your contract vote will not be counted.