August 2014

ULTCW Members In Alameda County Vote YES on Contract to raise wages!


UPDATE: The ballots have been counted and our ULTCW members in Alameda County have overwhelmingly approved the tentative agreement between IHSS caregivers and County officials.    The ratified contract will now go before the Board of Supervisors on September 9th for final County approval.  Once the Supervisors vote to accept the contract, we’ll be able to provide members with details on when the raise to $12 an hour will go into effect.  Congratulations to everyone on this tremendous victory!

(July 28, 2014)After months of negotiations, SEIU ULTCW’s Bargaining Committee has won the opportunity to vote on a contract that will raise wages to $12.50 an hour for In-Home Supportive Services providers.

Combined with the right to overtime that ULTCW won for IHSS caregivers statewide, this raise means that caregivers working more than 40 hours per week, will receive $18.75 per hour for those additional hours.

In addition to making Alameda homecare workers the highest paid IHSS caregivers in California, this contract protects health, dental, and vision benefits.

That said, the contract can only be voted upon by card-signing union members.  Under the Union’s constitution, only full, card-signing members can take part in a vote to approve or reject a county contract .

If you are an IHSS caregiver in Alameda county, and you have yet to sign your ULTCW membership card, please call 877-698-5829 right away, in order to request a ULTCW membership card right away!

Don’t waste this opportunity to participate in a critical election regarding your pay and benefits!

August 14 is the deadline for ratifying or rejecting this proposed contract.  You must be a card-signing member, and your ballot must be received by that date, or else your contract vote will not be counted.

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Victory! 26,000 Minnesota Caregivers Vote To Join SEIU.

MN Victory

Update:  On Tuesday, August 26th, 26,000 home care workers in Minnesota celebrated one of the largest labor organizing efforts since the Depression when they voted to join SEIU!  ULTCW members are proud to be part of this historic victory in bringing a voice to our fellow caregivers.

(August 8, 2014) 26,000 Home Health Care Workers Vote on SEIU Membership:
ULTCW Members, From Ventura and San Bernardino Counties, Travel to Minnesota to Volunteer in Support of the Process

Vowing to be “Invisible No More,” homecare workers are seeking better pay, respect for their work, and improved care for recipients. People with disabilities who receive home care services have also been making clear why they strongly support home care workers’ efforts to come together and form a union.

Personal care assistants, direct support professionals, and disability activists gathered on July 11, with homecare clients and program supporters, at the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services to file a request for an election to form a statewide homecare workers union.

Thousands of homecare workers signed cards in support of forming a union in order to win improvements to their jobs, as well as to the care they provide for elderly and disabled Minnesotans. Homecare workers have been organizing to improve their jobs and Minnesota’s home care programs for years, and won the right to form a union under state law last year.

If a majority of those voting choose to unionize, they will be represented by SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, which currently represents more than 15,000 healthcare workers in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes throughout Minnesota. It is part of the Service Employees International Union, which represents 30,000 workers across Minnesota, 1.2 million members in the health care industry nationwide, and 2.1 million service employees in total.

The Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services mailed ballots on Aug. 1 to all eligible voters: “Personal care assistants and other home care workers providing direct support services through client-directed Medicaid programs including PCA Choice, Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS), and Consumer Support Grants.” All ballots must be returned to the Bureau office no later than August 25, when ballots will be counted.

With 26,000 participants, this constitutes the largest union election in Minnesota history. Voting is currently taking place by mail. Yet to ensure that the vast majority of eligible caregivers take part in this historic election, volunteers have been arriving from all across the country to assist in the process of calling and knocking on doors.

Leading the way, 14 ULTCW Member Leaders have traveled to Minnesota from Southern California’s Ventura and San Bernardino Counties, and plan to remain there for the entire month!

We want to recognize these Member Leaders for their tremendous example: You are truly demonstrating our highest principles and values through your actions! #ThankYou #InSolidarity


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Support Administrative Relief for Immigrant Workers & Families

We support President Obama in:

  • Providing affirmative relief with work authorization to people who have strong ties to the United States and are already embedded in our communities.
  • Adopting a process for workers engaged in workplace or civil rights disputes to apply to USCIS for immigration relief so that immigration enforcement can’t be used as an intimidation tool.
  • Reforming policies to make sure that immigration enforcement does not undermine workers’ labor and employment rights.
  • Ending the Secure Communities program, 287g agreements, the Criminal Alien Removal Initiative, and other programs that undermine trust in local law enforcement and threaten the livelihood of immigrant workers. 


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Celebrate Women’s Vote by Leading the Golden State

womens equality weekAll this month we’ve been celebrating the 94th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment in August of 1920!

Our founding mothers and the suffragists who followed them fought for the women’s vote in the 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries.

Today, women make up 54% of the electorate, but we have yet to see the promise of equity realized.

Almost five times as many men hold elected office in the United States than women. Even here, in the Golden State,

– the California State Senate is only 30% female;
– the Democratic State Senators are only 36% female;
– the California State Assembly is only 25% female;
– the Democratic State Assembly members are only 24% female;
currently, only 2 out of 8 of our state-wide Constitutional officers are women; and
– California has never elected a woman as Governor.

We know that women have a different understanding on needs in policy areas such as healthcare, transportation, education and jobs.

Further, we believe that those who have served as long term care workers would excel in elected office by bringing new perspectives to issues, conceive of and implement effective and just solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems.

We launched our Dignity California campaign to take a stand for Quality Jobs, Quality Healthcare, and Quality of Life for all. This means we demonstrate our leadership in the voting booth, in the Capitol, and on the streets.

Take advantage of this opportunity to start developing your leadership skills and flexing your leadership muscles: Click here


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Addus Home Care Providers Join SEIU-UTLCW in Continued Fight for Good Jobs and Quality Care

BREAKING NEWS: Home Care Providers Join SEIU-UTLCW in Continued Fight for Good Jobs and Quality Care

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., JULY 29, 2014 — Seizing on the opportunity to improve the visibility and value of long-term care services, over 100 Addus HomeCare, Inc. workers recently elected to join SEIU United Long Term Care Workers.
“It’s time that people really recognize the value of the work we do, said Beverly Williams, Home Care Provider with Addus HomeCare, Inc. in Walnut Creek. “ The union is critically needed and this is a big step!”

The union victory includes home care workers at Addus Homecare, Inc.’s Walnut Creek offices. The caregivers provide tasks of daily living and limited medical duties to support elderly and disabled Californians in homes across the Bay Area. Addus Healthcare, Inc. nationally provides health care services to over 30,000 consumers weekly from over 120 offices located in 21 states.

The Bay Area workers now join over 10,000 SEIU represented Addus HealthCare, Inc. home care workers in 12 states — California, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Montana, Delaware and Washington. In contract negotiations in 2005, SEIU members and Addus Healthcare reached a historic national agreement, the first of its kind between a union and national home care services operator. The agreement covers non-economic issues and provided workers with the right to organize nationally, streamlined negotiations, and set higher standards for thousands of home care aides.

“There’s strength is unity” said Tamranisha Harris. “As we all come together in the union, we’ll be able to have a stronger voice together.”

The decision to join their voices with other long-term care workers come on the heels of a recent Supreme Court decision which place at risk home care workers ability to come together to have a strong voice for good jobs and quality home care. It is the latest in a decades-long attack on the rights of working people to join together to improve their jobs and the quality of services they provide. Having a strong union for home care workers is the only approach that has proven effective at producing good jobs and quality care.

SEIU United Long Term Care Workers (ULTCW) is California’s leading long term care organization dedicated to providing and protecting quality care for some of our most vulnerable residents. SEIU ULTCW represents 180,000 home care providers, assisted living and nursing home workers throughout California, making it the largest union of long term care givers in California and the second largest SEIU local in the nation.

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If you, or someone in your household, need Administrative Relief for undocumented workers and families, please share your story today!

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What are SEIU’s recommendations for Administrative Relief?

SEIU Admin Relief Recommendations – 7-3-14-rev

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What are SEIU’s Administrative Relief recommendations?

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Administrative Relief for Undocumented Workers & Mixed-Status Immigrant Families

Our goal towards bringing Dignity to all who call California home starts with our members, families, and communities. Administrative Relief  can help remove the obstacles standing between you, your family, your community, and the Quality of Life you deserve. 

Only Congress can make the complete and lasting changes that are desperately needed to fix our broken immigration system. But unfortunately the House has shirked its responsibility to act, with tragic results for SEIU members, families, and the broader communities to which we belong. Each day of inaction is another day of wasted homeland security resources, lost economic opportunity, and heartbreak. In the absence of congressional action, as the President has said, the Administration has a duty and obligation to do all it can within the law to make immigration enforcement more sane and humane.
SEIU recommends that the Department of Homeland Security act boldly and unapologetically to implement reforms of its immigration enforcement policies. Our Union has already communicated our recommendations to DHS and the White House in various ways, but we thought it would be helpful to spell out three of the many possible changes that we believe are urgently needed and well within the authority of the Executive Branch under current law. These recommendations are as follows:
(1) Deportation reform: Stop detaining, criminalizing, and deporting ordinary immigrants who have established a life here and have not committed serious crimes.
(2) Worker protections: Change workplace enforcement priorities and procedures to minimize that the extent to which immigration enforcement at the workplace undermines wages and working conditions.
(3) Affirmative relief: Provide a process whereby persons who are a low priority for deportation can affirmatively apply for work authorization

Share your immigration story so others can better understand why workers need protection from detention and deportation, a current valid work permit, and protections against wage theft, workplace safety violations, as well as punishment for organizing your fellow workers and standing up for your workplace rights!


Please fill out this brief immigration story form today!


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