ULTCW Negotiates Successorship of Country Villa Facilities!

LOS ANGELES (7/30/14) – On Monday, ULTCW members attended the public auction of Country Villa’s 19 nursing homes of which six are organized by UTLCW.  The nursing homes sold to Shlomo Rechnitz, California’s largest nursing home employer, for $62 million.


ULTCW members attended the auction to send a clear message to the new buyers: Honor our existing contracts that protect the work of 295 ULTCW members.


Our efforts were successful.  Late Tuesday evening ULTCW reached an agreement with the new owners that not only honors our current contracts in the six represented homes.


“ULTCW members took a situation that could have been devastating to the rights of over 1,500 nursing home workers who care for frail loved ones and turned it into a victory that not only protects current members, but opened the door for those who are not members to join ULTCW,” said Maria Gonzalez, a ULTCW member from Country Villa East.  “It’s true, anything is possible when we stand united as ULTCW!”


Congratulations to all of our member leaders who made sure that the rights and dignity of nursing home workers were protected and have created an opportunity to welcome new members to our ULTCW family!


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