July 2014

ULTCW Negotiates Successorship of Country Villa Facilities!

LOS ANGELES (7/30/14) – On Monday, ULTCW members attended the public auction of Country Villa’s 19 nursing homes of which six are organized by UTLCW.  The nursing homes sold to Shlomo Rechnitz, California’s largest nursing home employer, for $62 million.


ULTCW members attended the auction to send a clear message to the new buyers: Honor our existing contracts that protect the work of 295 ULTCW members.


Our efforts were successful.  Late Tuesday evening ULTCW reached an agreement with the new owners that not only honors our current contracts in the six represented homes.


“ULTCW members took a situation that could have been devastating to the rights of over 1,500 nursing home workers who care for frail loved ones and turned it into a victory that not only protects current members, but opened the door for those who are not members to join ULTCW,” said Maria Gonzalez, a ULTCW member from Country Villa East.  “It’s true, anything is possible when we stand united as ULTCW!”


Congratulations to all of our member leaders who made sure that the rights and dignity of nursing home workers were protected and have created an opportunity to welcome new members to our ULTCW family!


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Daughter of ULTCW Member Joins Youth Fast to Support Kids Fleeing Violence #FastingForChildren #KidsOverPolitics

July 21, 2014
Contact: Jacob Hay, jacob.hay@seiu-usww.org, (310) 855-2640

LA Youth Launch Fast to Support Immigrant Children Fleeing Violence
FastingForChildren.org | #FastingForChildren

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today, seven young leaders, ages 15 to 22, from diverse backgrounds, launched a week-long fast in support of immigrant children and their families fleeing violence and poverty in Central America. The fasters are calling on Congress and President Obama to treat the the children and their families with compassion and to grant them refugee status.

The youth fasters will consume only water during the fast, which lasts until Friday at noon. They will stay at Father Serra Park near La Placita Olvera during the day. At night they will sleep at the adjacent La Plaza United Methodist Church.

“I know how it feels to not be born here and to be treated like an ‘alien’ from another planet,” said Edgar Gonzalez a 22 year old faster originally from Mexico. “These are children we are talking about. Someone needs to stand up for them.”

Fasters will be collecting supplies and monetary donations for the immigrant families, who have fled from violence, at the fast location in Los Angeles and online at FastingForChildren.org. The fasters will be visited and joined by immigration reform advocates from across the nation throughout the week.

“I was 10 years old when I first came to this country, so I can relate to what these children are going through,” said Sungwon Hong, a Korean American college student who is joining the fast. “I came here with my parents for a better life. It was hard at first but now I am attending college and able to reach for my dreams. I want the same for the kids escaping violence in Central America.”

“I am proud to stand in solidarity with these young people,” said Alease Wilson a 18 year old African-American faster. “I am fasting to support children that were forced from their country. They should be treated with compassion and humanity.”

“When I see the children suffering and being mistreated at the border, I think about my mom who came here from Honduras when she was 20,” said Janio Alvarado, a 15 year old faster. “I see myself in those children. If my mom didn’t come to this country before I was born, I might have been forced into the choice of risking my life coming here or staying behind to face violence and poverty.”

“My heart broke hearing stories on the news of all the children forced to leave their country because they did not feel safe. I understand how scared they must be because 12 years ago, I was one of them,” said faster Yamilex Rustrian a faster and recent high school graduate who left Guatemala at age seven with her younger sister after their father was killed by gang-members.

Organizations supporting the fasters include the Dreamers Action Network, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Bending the Arch, the Center for Community Change, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE-LA), the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), Community Coalition, the Korean Resource Center, the Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (KIWA), the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, Mi Familia Vota, the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California State Council and SEIU Locals.

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VIDEO: Remembering The Sacrifice & Determination of Our Founding Caregivers

One of the most undervalued, under-appreciated groups of workers in our country, homecare workers transcended numerous challenges to make their voices heard.  Click here to watch the video:  A Woman’s Work: Testimonies

When the caregivers who now form ULTCW stood up and boldly said that they would be invisible no more, they heralded a new era for healthcare services in California and they transformed the face and future of the labor movement.

It was through their vision and determination that in 1999 they were able to organize 74,000 home care workers in Los Angeles County – the largest organizing victory for the US labor movement since the Auto Workers in 1941. Today, as a result of this victory and similar efforts in other California counties there are more than 330,000 caregivers, providing for the needs of 450,000 low-income California seniors and people with disabilities, whose voices are no longer silent, but rather uplifted in the fight for dignity through their union.

During the weeks that lead up to and follow the 4th of July, it is often common to celebrate the achievements of our founding fathers. At ULTCW we would like to take this opportunity to bestow praise upon our founding home care providers whose courage, wisdom, and spirit continue to guide and inspire us.



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Job Posting: Office Manager (Oakland)

Office Manager
Job Description
Northern California

Position Purpose:

The Office Manager provides administrative services in support of the various SEIU ULTCW Departments, membership and staff to accomplish the organizational goals. The position may be located in offices across the state and would report to the Member Strength Director of a Region.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Any one position may not include all of the specific duties and responsibilities listed. Examples provide a general summary of the work required and should not be treated as a total and complete list of expected duties to be performed by employees in the classification.

Provide and coordinate administrative support to the assigned departments and respective personnel by:

  1. Creating and or maintaining various data systems for tracking and monitoring staff compliance with department and Union programs such as COPE and membership drive, petition drives, and membership mobilization, including development of other systems.
  2. Ensure staff compliance with administrative requirements such as Activity reports, attendance records and expense reports filings.
  3. Prepares materials, including urgent correspondence, letters, fliers, forms, announcements and coordinates mailing for the Regional or Department Director
  4. Establish and maintain hard copy and/or electronic filing system
  5. Oversee and manage satellite office(s), including but not limited to processing mail. answering phones collecting member dues, data entry, processing reimbursements and data entry on regional meetings;
  6. Leads work on special projects as assigned by immediate supervisor
  7. Maintains Regional or Department Manager’s calendar and coordinating travel arrangements
  8. Creates spreadsheets, updates and maintains Member Strength databases which includes entering of membership cards, entering COPE cards, activities reporting, organizing lists, stewards and leadership lists, grievance lists, and may include employer lists.
  9. Attends and participates at Regional meetings, leads  in room and, agenda preparation, typing and distributing minutes, and executes follow up work from meetings.
  10. Conducts inventory and request office supplies consistent with approval policy
  11. Leads in the implementation and coordination of other local wide events
  12. Process member requests and complaints (telephone and walk-in) and refers to appropriate staff for resolution
  13. Process Hudson Beck Notices to include all communications with members and legal.
  14. Interact courteously and tactfully with managers, co-workers, members, vendors or associates
  1. Works with minimal supervision
  2. Coordinates material needs and paperwork for new staff, including training on ULTCW procedures and protocol
  3. Leads and coordinates rallies and meetings that occur outside the office, including but not limited to transportation, facilities, translation, IT and food.
  4. Deal directly with vendors, building managers, maintenance providers and act as the contact person for both Oakland and Watsonville offices
  5. Works with minimal supervision

Required Skills, Abilities and Experience:

  • Expertise using Microsoft programs, including Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Outlook
  • Demonstrated ability to type 45 wpm
  • Knowledge of standard business documents and table formatting to prepare materials accurately
  • Proficiency using the Internet as a research tool
  • Experience composing grammatically correct correspondence, and editing drafts to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to communicate and relate respectfully with a diverse membership and staff
  • Ability to respond appropriately and report accurately with regard to complex and sensitive situations
  • Commitment to provide accurate, efficient and friendly service to staff and members
  • Ability to exercise strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to multi-task and must work well under pressure
  • Able to lead on projects, prioritize and complete workload
  • Excellent punctuality and attendance
  • Bilingual skills highly desirable

Physical Requirements: Sitting at a computer workstation for extended periods (up to four hours at a time) typing. Lifting up to 20 pounds. Employees must recognize that working in the labor movement is tough, demanding work, which sometimes requires working long or irregular hours that may necessitate over time. Some limited travel may be required.

Scope and Nature of Supervision:

Administrative Assistants may report to assigned Department managers on a day-to-day basis as well as to the Deputy Director of Operations. Supervision and direction may change on a campaign-by-campaign or project-by-project basis.


To Apply For This Position

Mail, e-mail or fax a detailed resume, cover letter, a one-page writing sample and the name, job title, address, and phone number of three professional references to:

jobs@seiu-ultcw.org or carlaz @seiu-ultcw.org

In subject of email:  Position Title of Position you are Applying for


Mail:                                                                                      Fax:

SEIU ULTCW                                                                            (213) 368-0699

c/o Human Resources                                                            Attn: Human Resources
2515 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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Share Your Immigration Story with President Obama Today! #TimeIsNow #WeCantWait

It’s clear: Speaker Boehner and his Republican colleagues in the House ignored the will of the majority of Americans. Rather than do their job, they failed to act for our country and pass immigration legislation that would have kept families together, brought millions out of the shadow and strengthened our economy.
So now, President Obama has committed to take executive action for our immigrant communities.
The president announced that he would take executive action to provide relief to our immigrant communities in light of a Republican Party that has missed and blocked every opportunity to pass real immigration reform.
Republicans in the House have played politics for far too long on immigration. It’s no wonder President Obama has been compelled to do what he can for our country’s immigrant communities.
His efforts could help families across the county as we continue to fight for a permanent immigration solution.
What will the president’s commitment to immigration reform mean for you or your family and friends? Share your story with President Obama.http://action.seiu.org/page/s/your-immigration-story

¡Sí, se puede!


June 30, 2014

SEIU on White House Steps to Address Immigration System

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) President Mary Kay Henry and Eliseo Medina joined immigration reform advocates in a meeting with President Barack Obama and White House officials.

Henry and Medina issued the following statement:

“Today, President Obama has been compelled to act on addressing our immigration system because of a GOP House leadership which refuses to act on immigration reform. Given plenty of opportunities, Speaker Boehner and his Republican colleagues in the House have blocked, delayed and simply failed to deliver a real solution to the moral and humanitarian crisis that has impacted millions of families across the country.

“We commend the president’s decision to take administrative action on the issue and urge him to act boldly and swiftly to provide relief to our immigrant community by using whatever tools at his disposal.

“Although necessary in light of a Republican Party that has missed a chance to make history for America for the past decade, the president’s efforts will not encompass the magnitude of what permanent congressional legislation can do for our immigrant community.

“Unquestionably, as we continue to fight for a lasting solution to our dysfunctional immigration system, our communities will go from the halls of Congress to the ballot box. The Latino and Asian American voter are clear on one thing: There’s no ‘passing the buck’ here—Speaker Boehner and his party alone are responsible for ignoring the will of the majority of Americans. Such failure will cost them in electoral cycles to come.

“We also hope that as President Obama moves forward with administrative action, he will carefully and humanely address the urgent crisis of unaccompanied immigrant minors. This issue is not to be taken lightly or politicized. Children—from whatever country they may come from—who are fleeing from violence or trying to reunite with their families obliges our country’s leaders to act in the most compassionate and thoughtful way possible for the sake of our values and the safety of children.”

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