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This Mother’s Day weekend, ULTCW will join volunteers from organized labor locals, civil rights organizations, and community-based organizations across the country, to register new voters in 20 target cities where demographic trends could mean changes to the electoral landscape.

On Saturday, May 10, at 10 AM, representatives from our Executive Board, along with Member Leaders, and staff are convening a “Voter Engagement Day,” alongside staff and volunteers from Mi Familia Vota, Mobilize the Immigrant Vote, and the CHIRLA Action Fund.  Hosted by ULTCW, the day will begin with a press conference held at our San Bernardino office, 195 N. Arrowhead, San Bernardino, CA 92408, in which Inland Empire area moms will call on retiring Congressperson Gary Miller to use his final months in office to stand up for immigrant and mixed status families who live under constant threat of detention and deportation.

(For more information about this press event, please contact, Martha Figueroa,


As House Republicans Continue to Stall Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform Activists Begin Early Voter Registration and Civic Engagement in 24 Cities

This Mother’s Day weekend, mothers and their children reach out to Latino, Asian, and immigrant voters to break through to Congress

NATIONWIDE—In 24 cities across the country, immigrant rights groups and activists will launch “For Our Moms/Por Nuestras Mamas” voter registration drives and voter engagement events this Mothers’ Day weekend—the earliest the movement has ever started—to break through the obstruction by House Republicans on passing immigration reform this year.

Despite broad support by the majority of Americans AND a majority of House members in Congress (with outspoken support by many key House Republicans), the Republican leadership is letting the anti-immigrant wing of its caucus lead the party to isolate itself from Latino, Asian, and immigrant voters on a key issue such as immigration and citizenship.

The early civic engagement efforts show the seriousness and determination immigration rights groups and activists have to push reform this year. Already, Rep. Luis Gutierrez and other activists and advocates have issued a June 28, 2014 deadline for the House leadership to move bipartisan legislation forward.