Keep Families Together: #TimeIsNow #ImmigrationReform

One Family’s Story- A Nation’s Fight for Immigration Reform

One Family’s Story: A Nation’s Fight for Immigration Reform shares the emotional story of a loving family facing an uncertain future after a law-abiding husband and father of two was rounded up in a raid and placed on a schedule for deportation that would tear him from the most important people in his life, and force him to leave the only place he calls home.

Congress Members Gary Miller and Paul Cook are but two examples of Representatives who have sat on their hands when urgent action is required.  Please join us in calling upon these and other elected officials to stand up for what’s right.  Passing immigration reform must be placed on the top of Congress’ 2014 to do list.

Help ensure that aspiring Americans are no longer torn apart form their families.  Please view and share this video (via email, Facebook and Twitter) and take a moment to contact:

Congressman Miller at 909-980-1492
Congressman Cook at 760-247-1815.

SEIU ULTCW joins countless advocates for commonsense immigration reform in raising awareness of the thousands who will be separated from their parents, spouses and other loved ones because of our broken immigration system.

The policies in place are not only tearing families apart, but harm all workers, documented, undocumented, and citizen, alike.  Overhauling the broken immigration system would grow our economy, and improve wages.  But it would also affirm our core convictions and most important values.  We all deserve access to a path to dignity.