September 2013

President Obama Continues to Keep his Promise to Home Care Workers

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In 2007, then Senator Obama walked a day in the shoes of Pauline Beck, a home care provider.

In 2007, then Senator Barack Obama, walked a day in the shoes of ULTCW home care member, Pauline Beck.  During his time with Pauline and her consumer, Senator Obama came to understand the hard work that goes into being a long term care worker.

After being elected President, Mr. Obama told Pauline that he would do all he could to help bring dignity and respect to the vital work that home care workers do.

On Tuesday, President Obama personally called Pauline to let her know that he stayed true to his word by passing a federal rule giving in-home caregivers the same overtime and minimum wage protections that other workers enjoy.  These new regulations will go into effect on January 1, 2015.

As our population of seniors and people with disabilities who rely on in-home care continues to grow, it is crucial that the work that allows them to live safely in their homes is fairly recognized and compensated. In-home caregivers perform difficult, strenuous, vital work, and for far too long, their work has not been recognized or respected. This ruling is a great step towards demonstrating the Dignity & Respect that home care workers have always deserved.

We thank President Obama for being true to his word and recognizing the value of a workforce dedicated to providing the quality care our senior and disabled loved ones need.


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Oct. 5, Immigration Reform Rally

Join ULTCW members in Los Angeles on October 5, 2013, as we join a national day of action by marching for immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship. While we march in Los Angeles we will be adding our voice to over 90 other marches and rallies in over 40 cities across the US – all calling on Congress to support comprehensive immigration reform now!

When: Saturday October 5, 2013

9:00am – Pickup Location (Optional – RSVP to the MAC if needed)
ULTCW Main office, 2910 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles CA, 90057

10:00am – Meet at the Corner of Hollywood / Western

11:00am – March Starts
2:00pm – March Ends

To RSVP for transportation contact the Member Action Center (MAC) at 1-877-MY ULTCW (1-877-698-5829).

If you’re unable to join the march, you can use hashtag #Oct5 to follow the rallies and add to the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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Obamacare Teletown Hall on Tuesday 9/17, 6pm

ULTCW is dedicated to ensuring that you are fully informed on how the new healthcare law may impact you and your family. That’s why we’re pleased to be hosting a tele town hall on Tuesday, September 17, from 6:00 – 6:30 pm with Covered California – the state’s insurance exchange program.

This call is an opportunity to share with you the answers to commonly asked questions about The Affordable Care Act as well as the resources available to our members to better understand what new healthcare options you may qualify for. Even if you currently have health insurance as an IHSS or nursing home worker, we encourage you to participate as there may be new, more affordable options available to you under the healthcare law.

We will be calling ULTCW members at 6:00 pm on Tuesday evening, so please be by your phone as we are only able to call once.


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New Timesheets Online Training!

ULTCW_NEW_TIMESHEETs_TRAININGPlease register for CMIPS II Timesheet Training on Sep 11, 2013 4:00 PM PDT by clicking here!

Click Here To Register!

This training will provide information for IHSS providers on how to properly complete their Timesheets for processing in CMIPS II. The training will instruct you on how to complete IHSS timesheets and how to avoid common timesheet mistakes which may delay payment.

This interactive training will allow participants to ask questions, participate in polling questions and sign up for other trainings as desired.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


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On Thursday, over 300 ULTCW members joined hundreds of other supporters and fast food workers in solidarity as part of a national day of action.  The protests, which took place throughout the nation, focused on the economic inequality that fast food workers face as they are subjected to minimum wage while corporate profits soar, and how such inequality makes it impossible to provide for their families and achieve the American Dream.