May 2013

ULTCW makes great impact in Tuesday’s LA CIty elections

ULTCW Members with Gil Cedillo

ULTCW Members with Gil Cedillo

Once again, ULTCW stepped up and set the example for others to follow. Through the hard work and dedication of ULTCW members and staff, we had a profound impact in electing local leaders who understand the importance of the work we do as long term care providers and share in our mission to bring social and economic justice to all working families.

Because of our Local’s incredible work, on Tuesday, Los Angeles City residents elected ULTCW endorsed candidates Mike Feuer as City Attorney, Ron Galperin as City Controller, and City Council members Gil Cedillo (District 1) and Curren Price (District 9). Although Wendy Greuel did not win the race for Mayor, it was our GOTV efforts in South Los Angeles that resulted in voters within the area turning out to vote and overwhelmingly supporting Wendy.

Congratulations to all who were involved and played a leadership role in this great success.

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First the Senate, now the House

Leaders from throughout California announce plans to pressure House of Representatives to deliver inclusive, direct path to citizenship in tandem with Senate version.

Los Angeles – On Thursday, a day likely to coincide with the Senate Judiciary Committee adding finishing touches to their version of an immigration reform bill, a diverse and broad coalition of California-based organizations fighting for an inclusive and direct path to citizenship, meets in Los Angeles to fire the next salvo, this time targeting Members of the House.

The California Table, as the coalition of more than forty independent organizations is known, has scheduled an all-day gathering in Los Angeles and a morning press conference to announce state-wide actions intended to pressure Republican and Democrat Members of the House to introduce fair, humane, and practical path to citizenship legislation without delay.

The California Table was formed in 2009 to raise collective concerns and support for fair and humane immigration policies in California and nationally.

WHAT: Press conference to announce state-wide actions in support of immigration reform intended to exert maximum pressure on House of Representatives to move an immigration reform bill without delay.

WHEN: Thursday, May 23, 2013, 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: CHIRLA Dream Center, 2533 W. Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057


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LA City Elections: May 21st

Download ULTCW’s Slate Mailer of Endorsed Candidates in English, Spanish, Armenian and Chinese or view our full list of endorsed candidates below:

Please join us in moving Los Angeles forward by electing candidates that share our values and understand the work we do. Your voice is never louder than at the polls!

Why We’re Voting for Wendy:

wendy_micheleThis election is vital to our efforts to elect candidates that will support working families and who share our values.

We have endorsed Wendy Greuel as our candidate for Mayor because Wendy will fix our broken city government and she understands the work we do as long term care providers. She is focused on 3 things: job creation, public safety, and education.

Leaders like President Bill Clinton, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters along with other public figures like Magic Johnson have joined us in endorsing Wendy Greuel as the best choice to lead Los Angeles forward.

Now it’s up to YOU. Please join us at the polls and put the future of our city in your hands. Read the important information below so that you know when and where to vote.

Polling Location and Voting Times:

Not sure where your polling location is? Click here to find your polling location or call 800-994-8683.

Remember polls open at 7:00 am and close at 8:00 pm. As long as you are in line by 8:00 pm it is your legal right to vote.

Vote By Mail:

If you received a vote by mail ballot and did not return yet, please take it to any polling place within the city of Los Angeles.

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Stop the Koch brothers from buying the Los Angeles Times

View this in Spanish, Chinese, Armenian or Korean.

Right-wing extremists and tea party megadonors Charles and David Koch want to take over nine newspapers owned by the Tribune Company, including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Stop the Koch brothers from buying the news.

Sign our petition. Click here.

The Koch brothers are famous for their right-wing ideology and their bankrolling of ultra-conservative, union busting organizations. Now they want to buy up influential print newspapers, turning reliable media outlets into their own versions of Fox News.

We rely on our local newspapers for smart, unbiased reporting and thorough investigations about what’s happening in our communities. And we count on well-researched and untainted endorsements of political candidates on the editorial pages.

If the oil-billionaire Koch brothers take over these papers, we can expect a lot of changes to these reputable papers.

Please join SEIU and Daily Kos, and sign our petition to the Tribune Company telling them not to sell to Charles and David Koch.

Our local media is no place for right-wing propaganda.

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Thousands March For Immigration Reform All Over CA

ULTCW members joined with thousands of activists and took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles, downtown Oakland and San Bernardino on Wednesday to participate in May Day protests in support of Commonsense Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The marches and rallies were headed by community organizations, faith-based leaders and labor unions that support the current Commonsense Comprehensive Immigration reform bill that keeps families together and offers a clear pathway to citizenship for immigrants that are in the United States.

Learn more about ULTCW’s Immigration Reform Campaign @

Check out Photos from LA:

Check out Photos from Oakland:

Check out Photos from San Bernardino:

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