In March, the State started to rollout its new IHSS payroll system and timesheets to replace the system its been using since 1979. Each month select counties will be rolled into the new system. When it’s time for your county to switch over to the new payroll system, you’ll receive a notice from the State along with instructions on how to fill out your new timesheet.

To rollout schedule for ULTCW counties is:

March: Alameda, Solano, Santa Cruz
May: Mendocino, Napa, San Bernardino
August: Los Angeles
November: Monterey, Ventura, San Benito

Being that the new payroll system uses scanning technology to read your timesheet and process the hours you worked, it’s important that you follow the new instructions on how to fill out your timesheet carefully to avoid possible delays in getting paid.

ULTCW is working close with counties as they prepare to use the new system and will be offering trainings in your community on how to fill out your new timesheet. Prior to each county rolling into the system, ULTCW members will receive a recorded call alerting you to where and when local trainings will be taking place. You may also call the Member Action Center at any time with questions you may have at 1-877-MY ULTCW (1-877-698-5829).

While there are several changes to the timesheet and how it’s filled out, our members who were among the first to use the system thought that there were a few changes that we should point out. These changes include:

• All timesheets will now be mailed to a central timesheet center in Chico, California. When you receive your timesheet in the mail, you’ll also receive a pre-addressed envelope with the new address. Use this envelope when mailing your timesheet in to be processed.

• If you need a replacement timesheet, you can call your local IHSS office to request one. However, all timesheets must be sent to the Chico location – not your IHSS office.

• Timesheets have to be filled out very carefully in black ink. Using any other color ink or a pencil could cause a delay in your paycheck since the system won’t be able to register anything other than black ink.

• You can no longer mail your timesheet in before the end of the pay period. Timesheets received before the end of the pay period will be automatically rejected. So even if you only work up until the 12th and the end of the pay period is the 15th, you must wait to mail your timesheet until the 15th.

• You can only send in 1 timesheet at a time per envelope.

• The location for you and your consumer to sign your timesheet is located on the back of the timesheet.

• Perhaps the biggest change is how we record our time on the timesheets. The time we work is now recorded as hours and minutes. For example, we’ll no longer use “point 5” to mean a half hour. We’ll now write it as 30 minutes. And “point 25” will be written as 15 minutes.

There’s also an English language video that the State has put together that helps explain some of these changes.

The new system is expected to increase the efficiency of processing our paychecks and should result in fewer paycheck delays as long as we are taking the necessary steps to fill out our timesheets correctly. We’d also like to remind you that the quickest way to get paid is to enroll in Direct Deposit. For more information on Direct Deposit and the forms you need to enroll, click here.

Questions After Your County Is Enrolled?

While you can always contact the Member Action Center with questions, once your county is rolled into the system, the State has created the following help lines to help answer specific questions about the status of your paycheck and direct deposit.

Provider Timesheet Processing Status Help Desk: 866-776-0930
IHSS Direct Deposit Help Desk: 866-376-7066

You can also visit the State’s IHSS resource page at:

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