Tell Anthem Blue Cross to stop funding anti-worker tactics

Do you belong to an Anthem Blue Cross health plan or pay California state taxes? If you said yes, then did you know your money is helping to fund misleading, partisan political ads? These ads hurt our families by attacking supporters of health care, environmental regulation and Wall Street reform.

This is just another tactic of the 1% to deprive the 99% of our voice. Anthem Blue Cross’s super-rich parent company, WellPoint Inc., which last year made $2.6 billion in profit and paid its CEO more than $13 million, is secretly using premium money against working families to oppose rate regulation that would keep Anthem and other health insurers from price-gouging.

Click here to sign the petition to tell WellPoint to stop funding anti-working family tactics.

WellPoint has funneled millions of premium dollars – no one knows exactly how much – to anti-working families groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to launch deceptive political attack ads. At the same time, right here in California, while the 1% is allowed to pour endless amounts of money into political campaigns through Super PACs, it is also doing everything in its power to silence the voices of the 99%.

On this year’s November ballot, California voters will have the opportunity to vote on Proposition 32. Also known as the “Special Exemptions Act,” if passed, Proposition 32 would silence the voice of working families in politics. It would take away our ability to voluntarily contribute our own money to a political process that we rely on to stand up for our consumer/patient and win the wages, benefits and standards we deserve.

Instead of playing politics with premiums, tax money, and tactics to curb the rights of the 99%, WellPoint should be focusing on patient care, meeting health care standards and improving its service.

WellPoint should STOP spending corporate funds on political campaigns, DISCLOSE everything it has spent directly or indirectly on political campaigns, and use the money to LOWER RATES for Anthem policyholders and California taxpayers.

Click here to sign the petition to tell WellPoint to stop funding anti-working family tactics.