ULTCW Home Care Workers Kick Off Living Wage Campaign

On Saturday, January 14, over 700 home care workers gathered in Downtown Los Angeles to kick off the LA Wins campaign which is focused on ensuring that home care workers receive a county living wage of $9.65 an hour. ULTCW represents 135,000 home care workers that live in Los Angeles County. Home care workers care for the elderly, the disabled and those most in need and often times work beyond their hours without pay.

ULTCW members will be collecting signatures from community members for a petition of support that would demonstrate to Los Angeles County Supervisors the importance of home care work and a living wage.
The day-long event focused on member education focused on understanding political equity, living wage community economic impact and the benefits of community political engagement.

For many, an increase of .65 cents would go a long way in buying food, buying gas and paying the bills.

To sign the petition online go HERE.

You can download the petition and help collect signatures in your community by clicking HERE.