Stand Up For California

Recession. Unemployment. A never-ending budget mess.

We are making deep cuts to the things that matter most, like our kids’ education, seniors’ safety, and jobs in our communities.

  • 19,000 teachers just received their pink slips and could be fired in August, meaning that class sizes will keep climbing
  • If deeper cuts are made, college leaders say they will have to turn away more than 400,000 qualified students
  • 30,000 children are losing healthcare in the coming months
  • Over a million seniors are having their basic income and services they need to live at home cut again when the most recent cuts take effect

Now more than ever we need to come together and do what’s best for our state. Unfortunately there are some extremists who are trying to stop any compromise, and too many legislators are listening to them.

But we can do better than this! Join parents, teachers, senior citizens, business owners and people just like you across the state in Standing Up for California.

Make the Call

Call your local legislator at 1-866-864-8567 and tell them “Stand up for California. No more cuts.” It’s free, easy, and really makes a difference.

Across the state, thousands of teachers, mothers and working Californians are standing together. Click here to find an event in your neighborhood.

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