Exxon! Pay Your Fair Share


• One out of every four workers in Los Angeles County is unemployed or under-employed.
• While Americans struggle to find work corporations are enjoying record setting profits. CEO bonuses
for Big Businesses grew by 19.7% last year. Corporate profits of these big businesses soared by 47% last year.
• Exxon Mobile made nearly $11 billion in the first quarter of 2011. That means Exxon made $123 million per day.
• Exxon should pay its fair share. One days worth of Exxon’s profit could create 1,394 green jobs for our communities.

Tax Payer Funded Services

• Los Angeles’ budget crisis has caused 7000 school employees in LA schools to receive layoff notices. The State’s budget shortfalls threatens to result in the elimination of childcare for 30,000 children, and reductions in our parks, public safety, and other services.
• Weeks ago, the New York Times exposed how American multinational corporations have become the world leaders in tax avoidance, with many corporations taking advantage of myriad tax breaks and loopholes, allowing them to pay far less than the actual official corporate tax rate of 35%.
• Exxon was confronted in the Senate just this month with the fact that they pay a lower tax rate than the average American.
• Just one days worth of Exxon’s profit would save 1,230 teacher jobs or pay the salaries of 1,250 police officers in our communities.

Take Action

Let’s tell Exxon to pay its fair share in taxes and to create more jobs in Los Angeles.

Join us on May 27, 2011 from 3 pm – 6 pm outside of these Exxon Mobile Stations:

1502 Firestone Blvd.
@ Compton Ave
Los Angeles 90001

6685 Atlantic
@ E. 67th Street
Long Beach 90805

Get more info:

Text Unity to 64336