March 2008

Tyrone Freeman’s Blog Debuts

Tyrone's BlogTyrone Freeman, the President of SEIU-ULTCW, has started a new blog ‘‘,
which shares his thoughts on the task of lifting people out of poverty
and the struggles of being anAfrican-American trade unionist.

The first-ever blog produced by a major union President, provides a unique perspective on behalf of the underclass, while shedding light on some of the challenging issues of our time.

To visit, click on the photo below, or on the icon on the left
sidebar.  Feel free to make comments and participate in the new
community that is

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Awards Dinner Honors Speaker-elect Karen Bass and President Tyrone Freeman

The A. Philip Randolph Institute’s Los Angeles Chapter hosted its annual dinner and gala at the California African-AmericanRob, TY Museum to celebrate the accomplishments of community leaders.

Among the honored was Karen Bass who this week was unanimously chosen by her peers to be the new speaker-elect of the California Assembly. She is the first woman and African-American to gain the position. The award for achievement was presented by her longtime friend and colleague Maria Elena Durazo, head of the influential Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

California State Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas presented the honorary award to Tyrone Freeman, President of the United Long-Term Care Workers’ Union, who accepted on behalf of the 150,000 Long-Term Care Workers in California he leads. Freeman said, “We not only fight for better wages and benefits, we work to uplift the lives of everyone in our communities.”

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